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HOA Info:

HOA President: Johnnie VanGelderen (423) 667-4710

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Meet the Rivendell Board and Committee  Members

Board of Directors

President                 Johnnie VanGelderen
Vice President         Santosh Reddy   
Secretary                 Kelli Draper        
Treasurer                 Troy Bearden     
Director                   Joy Leport           

Architecture Committee

–  Kelli Draper
–  Karen Gibson
–  Johnnie VanGelderen

Landscape Committee

–  Jackie Barker                                  
–  Donald King
–  Roger Reagan


– Santosh Reddy

Management Company – Selby-Webb,600 Georgia Avenue, Suite 4,
Chattanooga TN 37402     (423)490-9797
Marlene Webb
Braden Selby

Lawn Care*
ShadeTree Lawncare

George Steele

*Complaints and/or Requests for repairs, changes, service involving lawn or architectural request/attention must be submitted by ACTION FORM to Selby-Webb to ascertain and assure that your concerns are attended ASAP.  Workers are not authorized to perform tasks on the spot.  For your convenience–See Electronic Action Filing Form available on this site and manual form as well.